Dark Horse


Dark Horse is a fascinating documentary that tells the inspiring story of a group of working-class people working together to overcome adversity. In a sleepy Welsh town impoverished since the local mine’s closure, a barmaid decides to become a racing horse owner. She gathers together a horse syndicate comprised of fellow working-class townspeople and breed a scrappy horse named Dream Alliance. As true underdogs, they take on the elitist horse racing establishment that can spend millions per horse. The film effectively underscores the disparity by juxtaposing  footage of British aristocrats in their fancy hats against Dream Alliance’s down-to-earth owners with their tattoos and missing teeth. Despite their dire situations in life, the townspeople seemed happy just to have a glimmer of hope and success. As I watched the story unfold, it felt as if I was one of the owners and cheered the horse on through its ups and downs. The documentary embodies the powerful spirit of perseverance against all odds and makes you believe in humanity. As such, I would highly recommend the movie and your spirits will definitely be uplifted after watching.

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