DIFF 2018: Day 3


As I have done in years past, I will be posting short reviews of the movies that I will be watching over the course of the 2018 Dallas International Film Festival. Check back at the end of every day until May 10th to keep up with the latest in independent and documentary filmmaking at the largest film festival in Dallas.

On Her Shoulders is an emotionally powerful documentary about a 23-year-old refugee and activist fighting for recognition of the 2014 genocide of the Yazidi religious minority in Northern Iraq by ISIS terrorists. The film follows Nadia Murad as she travels the world visiting with government leaders and the United Nations to advocate for her ethnic group to receive the help needed for the vast number of refugees. As a sex slave who lost most of her family to the brutal terrorist organization that took over her community, she becomes the heroic voice of the Yazidi even as the simple retelling of her story causes her great emotional suffering. It is a heartbreaking film that is a must-see for those who want to understand the plight of refugees, and it gives a unique perspective on those who are actively engaged in promoting humanitarianism despite its many challenges and dangers.

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