Long Shot

Directed by Jonathan Levine best known for 2011’s 50/50 and 2017’s Snatched, Long Shot is an amusing comedy about an unlikely romance between two completely different people while also having the feel of the popular HBO comedy Veep with its humor involving a strong female politician vying for power. The film follows the highly respected and powerful United States Secretary of State Charlotte Field, played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron, who is contemplating launching a presidential campaign after her dim-witted boss, the president of the United States who is played by Bob Odenkirk decides not to run for re-election. Everything seems to go smoothly, with the help of her serious and straight-laced female chief of staff and male assistant, until she meets the profane journalist Fred Flarsky, played by Seth Rogen, who she used to babysit when he was a 13-year-old. After leaving his job as a journalist at a small newspaper after it is bought out by a large media conglomerates run by the conniving Rupert Murdoch-esque Parker Wembley, played by Andy Serkis disguised by grotesque makeup, the stereotypical stoner and relaxed Fred unexpectedly runs into Charlotte after being invited to an exclusive party by his wealthy best friend Lance, played by O’Shea Jackson, Jr. Eventually, against the wishes of her aides, Charlotte hires Fred to be one of her speech writers as she gears up for her presidential run. What happens next is rather unexpected for both of the main characters as they begin a whirlwind romance in which they fall in love as Fred travels the world with Charlotte who is busy with her job as Secretary of State. The movie very much reminds me of one of Seth Rogen’s breakthrough movies, 2007’s Knocked Up in which he enters into a romantic relationship with a beautiful woman out of his league. However, the film relies much less on the vulgar stoner humor typical of Seth Rogen and evolves into a multifaceted comedy subtly mocking current political affairs as well as following the more traditional romantic comedy genre. Overall, I found it to be an entertaining movie that brings out the seemingly realistic chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in a fun movie that makes a slight yet effective twist on stereotypical romantic comedies.

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