Action Point

Starring Johnny Knoxville famous for his TV series Jackass first released in 2000, Action Point is a rather stupid movie that is essentially a series of Jackass-like physical comedy stunts pretending to be a full narrative film. However, it should not be criticized too severely because it is exactly the type of movie you should expect from Johnny Knoxville and what appeared in the previews. The story follows the free-spirited owner of a cheap amusement park in the 1970s named D.C., played by Knoxville, who fights for his beloved park to remain open while trying to please his young teenage daughter nicknamed Boogie. The movie is told from the perspective of an older version of D.C. who recounts his memories about Action Point park to his young granddaughter. The amusement park is an extremely unsafe yet thrilling place for the local kids as well as the misfit employees who are often drunk or high. With the opening of a nearby corporate-owned amusement park and the arrival of a litigious real estate developer, D.C. struggles to keep up with competition and decides to up the ante by making the rides even more fun and dangerous. He also tries to connect with his daughter who lives with her mother in New York. The rather ridiculous premise is designed as justification for displaying all of the extremely dangerous stunts for comedic effect that Johnny Knoxville and his crew are known for in the TV show and subsequent movies. Overall, I found the movie largely without any redeeming qualities or even moments of laughter, and I could only recommended to those who really enjoy watching people hurt themselves or are fans of Johnny Knoxville’s work.

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